Benefits of polenta 


The Polenta is the staple food that is normally used by the Italians. But its health benefits have become so popular that many of the people from all over the world have started using this item. The germ removed polenta is made with white corn or ground yellow.

Facts about Polenta:

Polenta can be taken as a main menu item or as a side dish also. At some places this is also taken in dessert form as the texture of this is smooth. This food item can be boiled or grilled or fired. It has got its own neutral flavor and hence is adaptable to any of the palate.

One serving of polenta of about 3 oz has about 335 calories and this size can be varied to suit the calorie count. Every hundred grams of the polenta has about 69 Gms carbohydrates. The carbos over here is the complex carbohydrate and so this means that this food item falls under the low glycemic index chart. It takes more time for the body to digest this and hence will serve in the weight loss program. As this item is full of complex carbohydrates, the sugar is only at 6 Gms.

The polenta has more protein than a normal large egg. Hundred grams of cooked polenta will have 8.1 Gms protein. This is actually too good for the vegetarians and for those who don't eat meat or egg, as this polenta nutrition is the best alternative source of protein.

Vitamins and minerals are rich in polenta. Every hundred Gms of polenta serving will provide the eater with 10 % RDA for the vitamin C and 6% RDA for the vitamin A. The food item also has 152 mg potassium, 42 mg magnesium, 220 mg phosphorus and one Mg each of zinc, niacin, thiamin and iron. Above all these benefits, polenta is free of gluten. This food item cheap evening of the evening can be used as the best replacement for parmesan bread and garlic.

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